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Things to Do in IMG Worlds of Adventure Dubai

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Things to Do at IMG Worlds of Adventure

Dubai has a wide range of tourist destinations for both domestic and international tourists. From skyscrapers to desert safaris, the rich variety of tourism spots can leave any travel enthusiast spoiled for choice. If you are fond of adventure, you must visit the IMG Worlds of Adventure at least once to experience it in the true sense of the term.

Speaking of IMG Worlds of Adventure, it is an exciting world. It is a theme park that has something for people of all age groups. Whether you come here alone or with someone, you can expect an exciting experience here from start to the end. You can also conduct your special events and kid-themed parties at IMG Worlds of Adventure.

Here, you will find everything in the fantasy world that you have only heard of or known about. You may find it in the form of a dinosaur or any of your favorite Marvel or Cartoon Network characters. From children to young people and even adults, there is something for everyone here. Here’s a list of interesting things that you can do on your visit to this amazing world of adventures.

Best Things to Do after Arriving at the IMG Worlds of Adventure

With 4 popular zones of the IMG Worlds of Adventure, this popular theme park in Dubai has ample options to keep you occupied and engaged for hours while exploring its attractions. But for your convenience, you would like to know about the prominent attractions here. By knowing about them, you can plan your trip in the best way. To make your visit to this theme park a memorable one, don’t forget to include the following things in your itinerary.

1. Hulk Epsilon Base 3D

Hulk, IMG World Adventure

Have you ever wondered what it feels like riding in a dome that is equipped with 3D graphics, sophisticated technology, and the best sound quality? You can experience it in Hulk Epsilon Bass 3D. This is a ride that you can enjoy at 360 degrees.

Though it is best to come here with kids, you can also come here alone or with your friends. This place is a dedicated zone for those who have a special liking for Hulk. With a screen dome of 600 meters, it lets you see the Incredible Hulk up close. If you’ve only seen this character in movies so far, the grand sight of the Hulk in this place will remain etched in your memory for a long time.

2. Flight of the Quinjets


If you want to be on the edge in a flight zone featuring Avenger themes, you must take this ride. In this fast-paced ride, you will experience abrupt bumps while going downwards at a top speed. If you have ever felt fascinated at the thought of flying at a great height, this ride will enable you to experience and live such a moment.
At the time of taking the ride, you will be strapped on to the cockpit. Once the ride begins, the instant adrenaline rush will not let you forget this ride for a long time.

3. Thor Thunder Spin

Thor Thunder Spin Adventurous

In line with its name, this ride provides a spinning experience. Its thrilling feel makes it special for which most visitors choose it among the available rides at IMG Worlds of Adventure. If you already know about gravitational rules of physics, you will see things on this ride that diagonally oppose those rules.

At the start of the ride, visitors occupy their seats. When those seats take a 360-degree turn, visitors hang upside down. Witnessing Thor taking on Loki in this position is a one-of-a-type experience that goes beyond the description of words. The great AV visuals, chilling fast motions, and swinging effects of the settings complement each other to provide an invaluable experience to visitors.

4. Avengers Battle of Ultron

Are you fond of Marvel heroes? If you have been desirous of meeting them, interestingly you must come to Avengers Battle of Ultron. Here, you will find the majority of Marvel heroes. Included on the list of popular marvel characters are Hulk, Spiderman, Iron Man, Captain America, and more.

You can see all these Marvel heroes in action on the Avengers Battle of Ultron ride. On this ride, you can witness avengers’ battles involving Marvel heroes from a cyclic cabin with glass walls.

5. Velociraptor

Velociraptor Ride

Visitors favor velociraptor for its daunting vertical loops. The duration of this roller coaster ride is 3 minutes. From the beginning to the end, this ride will give you the best free fall experience. It begins at a launch station wherein you can see dinosaurs on a screen in a jungle setting.

Next, the cart heads in the upward direction towards a vertical loop from which it goes downwards. The ride continues for 3 minutes through abrupt bumps, 360-degree turns, and horseshoe loops.

6. Spider Man Doc Ock Revenge

IMG World of Adventure Dubai

At IMG Worlds of Adventure, the sheer range of rides will leave you spoilt for choice. But Spider Man Doc Ock Revenge is one of the star attractions among them. It is primarily a roller coaster ride involving one of the popular marvel characters, namely Spiderman. Its specialty lies in its dome projections, high-end sounds, 4D graphics, and realistic AV.

This roller coaster ride passes through daunting and dark interiors and showcases the battle between Spiderman and Doc Ock. As you take the roller coaster ride, you will get to experience an amazing story-telling coupled with brilliant splashes of light. The battle between Spiderman and Doc Ock in such a setting will take you to the world of Marvel from the real world instantly when you take the ride. You will keep experiencing this feeling until the conclusion of your ride.

7. Predator

predator IMG World Adventure

Known to be one of the best rollercoaster rides in Dubai, Predator is a popular ride at IMG Worlds of Adventure for those who are brave. Not only will you scream and howl but also experience several other aspects on this ride. These include thrills, unexpected bumps, free-falling experiences, and dark tunnels.

On this scary ride, visitors are seated on a cart with 12 seats. The cart makes them climb and drop at an angle of 90 degrees. In the remaining part of the ride, the cart passes through bumps and loops at a top speed of 43.5 mph. If you are fond of high-level adventure, you must take this ride.

8. Forbidden Territory

Forbidden Territory Dubai

Ever imagined the fun element of looking for dinosaurs’ eggs when they howl or scream? If you have seen it happening in movies, the Forbidden Territory ride will let you get the feel of it in reality. On the Forbidden Territory ride, things begin with a CNN reporter warning visitors of a volcanic eruption on a giant screen.

Thereafter, you can explore dense vegetation on a safari vehicle. Be prepared to hear the screams and howls of dinosaurs and other animals when the vehicle is on the move. It will halt at certain points. Your ultimate objective would be to look for eggs to prevent dinosaur species from dying off.


From the above, it stands out that you can take part in many exciting activities at the IMG Worlds of Adventure. You can also take other rides in this amazing world apart from the ones listed above. Regardless of the number of rides you take, you would spend ample time at the venue. So, make certain that you come here with some time in hand. After all, this is one of the best things to do in Dubai for kids to make their trip a memorable one.

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