Shopping at IMG Worlds of Adventure

Whether you want to take a break from all actions or take home some one-off souvenirs themed around your favorite characters, IMG offers visitors a unique and immersive shopping experience. The park has retail stores across diverse themed zones to cater to every interest. From apparel, toys, and colorful candies to Disney sketches and spooky paintings, you will find a vast array of merchandise here.

Shopping at Marvel Amusement Park

The Marvel fans are in for a treat with the shopping options at IMG’s Marvel Zone. They will blow you away with their fantastic collectibles and items featuring the legendary superheroes and villains from the Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise.

IMG Worlds of Adventure Shopping - Marvel Universe
Marvel Universe

Marvel Universe is one of IMG World of Adventure's Flagship Stores and a treasure trove of fun and interesting Marvel merchandise. Why not take home a few and be the envy of your friends?

Empire News and Comics - IMG Worlds of Adventure Shopping
Empire News and Comics

Get all the trivia about Marvel City right here! An assortment of souvenirs, comics, and much more is available right here! From Iron man's mask to Thor's hammer, you will find everything in Empire News and Comics.

Avengers Exchange IMG Worlds Shopping
Avengers Exchange

Avengers Exchange is the only dedicated Avengers store in the Middle East. The SHIELD Adventure Warehouse is your go-to

Epsilon Command Shopping at IMG Worlds of Adventure
Epsilon Command

Epsilon Command is a fun place for photo opportunities, action toys, games, fantastic figurines, and Hulk and Marvel Universe merchandise. You can now set up your very own IMG worlds at home.

Daily Bugle Company Store at IMG Worlds Shopping
Daily Bugle Company Store

Stock up on an array of Spider-man merchandise - games, outfits, take-home webbing technology, the works. Check out the famous web slingers' handiwork all over the store. You will surely not go empty-handed from here.

Marvel Vault Exclusive Artifacts Display
Marvel Vault

A paradise for all Marvel fans - Marvel Vault is overflowing with hand-signed collectibles: comic books, figures, posters, and the likes. Shop to your heart's content and spare some time to see the exclusive artifacts on display.

Shopping in Lost Valley

The Lost Valley transports you to a pre-historic world, where its retail section lives up to its theme. Browse through stores for some extraordinary finds themed around the enormous dinosaurs.

The Explorer's Supply
The Explorer's Supply

Visit the Explorer's Supply depot to purchase treasured collectibles of the Lost Valley Dubai. You will even find unique dinosaur eggs here. Need we say more!

Raptor Outpost
Raptor Outpost

Grab memorable keepsakes to remember your day in IMG. From T-shirts, caps, and mugs to branded memorabilia, you will find some impressive stuff here.

LV Retail Cart IMG Worlds of Adventure
LV Retail Cart

Want to grab excellent merchandise on the go? LV Retail Cart will fulfill your appetite for shopping.

Shopping in Cartoon Network

All attractions at the Cartoon Network Zone are a true delight for the enthusiasts of animated shows, and its retail stores are no exception. There is a trove of accessories, clothing, games, and gifts inspired by iconic characters such as Ben 10 and the Powerpuff Girls.

Shopping in Cartoon Network Classics
Cartoon Network Classics

One of the best stores in IMG, Cartoon Network Classics, pays ode to some old and all-time favorite characters. Revisit your childhood buying merchandise on Johnny Bravo and Dexter's Laboratory. You will find some hidden treasures in this store.

Cartoon Network Stores
Cartoon Network Stores

Go through numerous CN merchandise that will bring a smile to your face. This has some unique collectibles, including accessories, toys, games, and gifts. Visit Cartoon Network Dubai right now!

Lazy Store - Lazy Town merchandise
Lazy Store

You have many lively and colorful Lazy Town merchandise that will make for cherished souvenirs.

Ben 10 Universe at IMG Worlds of Adventure Shopping
Ben 10 - Universe

One more flagship store, Ben 10 universe, has an amazing variety of toys and games for Ben 10 fans. Shop till you drop!

The Amazing World of Gumball - The Store
The Amazing World of Gumball - The Store

The only place that has an unlimited supply of Gumball merchandise. What more do you need?

Shopping at IMG Boulevard

IMG Boulevard is the park’s welcome zone, with the most enchanting shopping and dining choices. You can enter the World of Candy, check out the Haunted Hotel Store, and experience the thrill of Adventure Photography.

Haunted Hotel Store at IMG Worlds of Adventure
Haunted Hotel Store

Create your haunted hotel at home to scare your friends and family. Carry eerie paintings and other souvenirs home from this unusual store.

World of Candy make your own candy
World of Candy

Who doesn't love a good candy? Now you get a chance to make your candy in a dedicated live chocolate-making kitchen. It's time to brush up on your chocolate-making skills.

IMG Emporium
IMG Emporium

This all-inclusive store has all the IMG Worlds of Adventure souvenirs and gifts. Drop in before you leave!

Courage & Kind Disney sketches and tales from iconic brands
Courage & Kind

The first of its kind in the region - Courage & Kind has many original Disney sketches and tales from iconic brands such as Frozen, Star Wars, Cars, and more.

Adventure Photography
Adventure Photography

Thanks to Green Screen technology, be part of an action-packed superhero fight or a chilling dinosaur chase sequence. The results will surely make you a star on social media.