Lost Valley Dubai: Rides & Attractions

Lost Valley: Rides

the velociraptor
The Velociraptor

As the name suggests, the Forbidden Territory is your chance to see the now-extinct dinosaurs, up, close, and personal. It is exciting, scary, and fun at the same time!


Predator is a rollercoaster ride that would not fail to give you goosebumps. Enjoy the wind blowing through your hair as the rollercoaster takes you through the varied loops, rolls, and vertical plunge.

forbidden territory
Forbidden Territory

Brace yourself to fight with mammoth dinosaurs and hide from some of the deadliest predators on our planet. There is no getting away from the Danger Zone.

Notes : The height restriction is 1.30m. If accompanied by an adult, the minimum height is 1.05m, and the maximum height is 2.08m.

dino carousal
Dino Carousel

Who doesn’t like carousels? But instead of horses and unicorns, you get to ride on different dinosaurs. This is definitely a fun ride for everyone in the family!

adventure fortress
Adventure Fortress

Get ready to fight some dinosaurs while having loads of fun to protect a village. This adventure playground would give you the chance to climb ladders, cross bridges, walk through tunnels, and whiz through slides.

Lost Valley - Dining and Restaurants

spice valley
Spice Valley

If you love spicy Indian food, the Spice Valley at the Lost Valley Zone is perfect for you. You would love to devour the juicy tandoori and rotisserie meats along with all the other delicious Indian dishes. Make sure that you are famished if you want to give justice to this buffet-style restaurant.

carnivore hut
Carnivore Hut brought to you by Wingstop (America’s Number 1 Chicken Wing concept)

The Carnivore Hut at the Lost Valley is where you can enjoy some of the most delicious and juiciest chicken wings you have ever tasted. You buy the chicken wings from the small window shop and enjoy at the small table and chairs nearby.

360 expreess
360 Express

What is a day out without devouring some of the much-loved theme park foods? Head to 360 Express to taste some delicious hotdogs and burgers that are a favorite amongst both kids and adults.

Shopping in Lost Valley Dubai

the explorers supply
The Explorer’s Supply

Joined by a hardcore dinosaur fan? Head to the Explorer’s Supply and let him/her chose anything from a dinosaur egg to a dinosaur model.

raptor outpost
Raptor Outpost

Grab memorable keepsakes to remember your day in IMG. From T-shirts, caps, and mugs to branded memorabilia, you will find some impressive stuff here.