IMG Boulevard Zone at IMG

Let your IMG fun and adventure begin at this welcome zone! It is a themed area with extensive dining, shopping, and entertainment choices. From the colorful World of Candy and the all-inclusive IMG Emporium to the restaurants serving delicious cuisines to the exciting Adventure photography experience, this park section has something to cater to every foodie, shopping enthusiast, and leisure seeker.

Rides in IMG Boulevard

Being the central zone, IMG Boulevards offers easy access to the park’s major rides and attractions. You can step into the Haunted Hotel for a dose of spooky fun, strap into the Velociraptor roller coaster with its jaw-dropping speed of up to 100 kilometers per hour, and head to the captivating rides across Marvel and Lost Valley zones, among others.

haunted hotel
Haunted Hotel

The most popular attraction of IMG Boulevard, the Haunted Hotel is not for the faint hearted. Get ready to be scared out of your wits while walking through a maze of corridors, where you would encounter several ghostly characters. Beware, as there is a scary surprise at every corner of the Haunted Hotel!

Dining and Restaurants in IMG Boulevard

IMG Boulevard is the perfect place to recharge your energy before or after a day of action-packed rides, shopping, and entertainment. Dining choices here are as varied as Boulevard Gourmet, Flavors of Arabia, Samosa House, Popcorn Factory, and the Coffeehouse.

popcorn factory
Popcorn Factory

The Popcorn Factory at the IMG Boulevard is where you can enjoy gourmet popcorn of varied flavors and colors. Accompanying the popcorn are delicious candy treats. Do check out the marvelous show kitchen as well.

boulevard gourmet
Boulevard Gourmet

Spanning two floors, the Boulevard Gourmet is a restaurant where you can enjoy cuisines from 4 continents of the world. While the food is tantalizing for your taste buds, the view of the terrace is a delight for your eyes.

samosa house
Samosa House

A tiny replica of colorful and vibrant country of India, the Samosa House is a street food restaurant that serves you the classic Indian tea-time combination of samosa with chai. Bite into the crispy and delicious samosa while sipping some hot chai (tea).

flavors of arabia
Flavors of Arabia

An informal dining space, Flavors of Arabia brings you the best flavors and cuisines of the Arab world in a friendly but elegant setting.

the coffehose
The Coffeehouse

All you coffee lovers, head over to the Coffeehouse at the IMG Boulevard! It is not only popular for its aromatic coffee but also for its fresh and delicious pastries, baked breads, sandwiches, salads, and soups.

Shopping in IMG Boulevard

IMG Boulevard is a one-stop destination for all your shopping needs at IMG. Visitors can browse the unique souvenirs at IMG Emporium, shop some spooky stuff at the Haunted Hotel Store, or excite all their senses by entering the World of Candy.

haunted hotel store
Haunted Hotel Store

Still wired after your visit at the Haunted Hotel? Visit Haunted Hotel Store and buy a spooky-looking thing as a keepsake of the memory of your thrilling experience.

world of candy
World of Candy

A true heaven for children and sweet-loving adults, World of Candy is where you can surround yourself with candies and chocolates of all shapes, sizes, and flavors. Moreover, you can also create your own candy at the live chocolate-making kitchen here.

img emporium
IMG Emporium

Couldn’t stop at the merchandise stores at any of the zones? Don’t fret. Step into the IMG Emporium on the way out to buy all IMG Worlds of Adventure gifts and souvenirs at one place.

courage and kind
Courage & Kind

This is where you get to shop some vibrant clothes for your little ones. They mostly come with the prints of Disney sketches and stories from movies like Frozen, Star Wars, Cars, etc.

adventure photography
Adventure Photography

Adventure Photography gives you the chance to take a photo using the green screen technology, which would emulate into superhero action sequence, dinosaur chase sequence, or any other adventure sequence you want to flaunt on social media.