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Novo Cinemas at IMG Worlds

NOVO Cinema

One of the largest cinema companies in the Middle East, IMG Novo Cinemas operates an avant-garde flagship facility at IMG Worlds Dubai. The contemporary 12 screen multiplex has a cosmic design with over 5000 meters of LED strip lighting in vibrant colors. It uses the cutting-edge technology giving you a feel of entering a sci-fi movie set and serves as an excellent backdrop for Instagram. With IMG Worlds Dubai, moviegoers can enjoy an utterly luxurious cinema-watching experience, thanks to IMAX® Laser Experience replete with three VIP screens, top-quality 7-Star service, fully reclined leather reclining seats with pillows and blankets, and a private lounge with a customized OK dining menu with personal butler service.

The colossal IMAX® theatre at IMG Novo Cinemas comes with a seating capacity for 360 guests, a 24.4 x 13.8 meters screen, immersive audio, 12-channel sound technology, and a next-gen 4K laser projection system making it a perfect place to host corporate events, conferences, and meetings.