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Expo 2021 Dubai Tickets – The World’s Biggest Exhibition Is Here

One of the most awaited events of the year – Expo 2021 (earlier known as Dubai Expo 2020) has finally raised curtains to welcome people from across the globe. The grand event themed Connecting Minds, Creating the Future, is an enriching and fabulous amalgamation of bringing the world under one roof and creating a better tomorrow.

Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability taking center stage this majestic exhibition hosted in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, from October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2021, is gaining momentum every passing day.

If you are wondering how to get tickets to the world’s biggest exhibition, we will take you through the Expo 2021 Dubai tickets availability and all that you need to know about Expo 2020 Dubai.


Expo 2021 Dubai Tickets

Tickets to Expo 2021 Dubai can be brought in person at the ticket counter, booked from the official website, or from one of its 2,500 Authorized Ticket Resellers. Various vendors also sell passes to the event, for instance the Zoom Convenient store. One has to carry your fully vaccinated certificate to enter the premises, apart from showing your entry ticket.

Free Passes at Expo 2021, Dubai

Visitors who are aged 60 and older, children aged 6 to 17, students studying at any university in the world, and the People of Determination are given free entry to Dubai Expo 2021. If booked in advance, children under the age of 6 can also gain free entry.

Dubai Expo 2021 tickets are sold as standard tickets, Bundles and Add-ons

  • October Pass – For the price of a one day ticket, (Priced Dh 95) get unlimited daily access for the entire opening month of October to Expo 2021. The pass is available for adults aged 18 to 59.
  • The standard ticket priced Dh 95, offers a one day access to the exhibition from October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2021.
  • The Multi-Day Pass costing Dh 195 for the entire six months is valid for 30 consecutive days from the time you first use the pass.
  • Season Pass priced Dh 495 gives access to multiple entries for the entire six months duration.
  • Besides one can also add-on to your October pass by paying a sum of Dh 150 to your single entry ticket to access the event for the whole of the six months. (The offer is valid till October 21, 2021)

They might as well come up with a few offers as October ends, so stay tuned.

Things to do at Dubai Expo 2021

We list the top pavilions to make the most of your visit to the grand fair called Expo.

  1. The Czech Republic Pavilion – With innovation running as the front runner, one can witness a desert turned into an oasis at the Czech Republic Pavilion. A walk underneath a cloud of fiberglass pipes, which is a part of the innovative S.A.W.E.R system used to harness solar energy to create water out of air and cultivate fertile soil is a treat and a marvel.
  2. The Malaysian Pavilion – Walk through a net zero carbon building which is inspired by Malaysia’s rainforests to promote carbon exemption in its materials, construction and operation. One is in to witness a show of brilliant ideas from sustainable agriculture to low carbon cities. Needless to say we are heading towards a secured and insightful future.
  3. The Saudi Arabia Pavilion – A refreshing take on playing with lights, presentation of the many famous places in Saudi Arabia displayed on a circular well like LCD that brings to life moving images and changing picturesque walls that takes you to a different world. Great concept to spread what the Gulf nation has to offer!
  4. The Canadian Pavilion – The Canadian pavilion is a celebration of innovation and leadership promoting clean energy. Behold a spectacular immersive 360 degree theatre wrapped in a wooden geometric lattice. The setup is inspired by Mashrabiya traditional Arabic architectural elements and it represents the Canadian forest landscape – something to catch your attention right from the word go.
  5. The Chinese Pavilion – With ancient Chinese architectural reference, backed with technological innovation, the Chinese pavilion is certainly a wall of inspiration. The use of moveable type priniting technology that turns into a dazzling digital light show at night, China shares its vision of a brighter future for humanity.
  6. The Poland Pavilion – Get enthralled to gaze at the migrating birds over Poland- a fine representation of mobility through innovative design. The use of natural materials reminisces a certain harmony of renewable resources and modern technology. Poland is weaving mobility through a multilayered story which is seamless inside out to form a connection between nature, culture and the society.
  7. The Azerbaijan Pavilion –Designed with leaf-shaped roof the Azerbaijan pavilion is truly a treat that stresses the importance of green design that can help minimize carbon emissions through rain water harvesting. The Azerbaijan pavilion is cushioned with natural cool ventilation and a great exploit.
  8. The UK Pavilion – The UK Pavilion is all about running you imagination to a different tangent, creating and experiencing the unexpected.
  9. The Spain Pavilion – With uniquely shaped architecture that is built from reusable and responsible materials viz fabric, iron and wood to bring together an eco-friendly environment that would someday dictate climate for the better. The conical structures acts as cooling agents that aids air flow to ensure you explore without any discomfort. It’s nothing short of a celebration of historical innovation and adventure
  10. The United Nations Pavilion – In order to tackle global challenges and create a peaceful and sustainable future the opportunity pavilion showcases the UN goals as “Mission Possible”. With an aim to provide the basic needs of water, food and energy it empowers people to take a pledge of contributing towards a sustainable future.

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