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Dining at IMG Worlds of Adventure

The outstanding dining venues at IMG serve up an incredible dining experience with superheroes, cartoon characters, and majestic dinos. Whether you are looking for food counter service, quick bites, a signature meal, or a casual or themed dining experience, IMG Worlds of Adventure has it all across its four prime zones, such as Marvel, Lost Valley, Cartoon Network, and IMG Boulevard.

1) Dining at Marvel Amusement Park

Take a break from all the action and thrills with an exceptional dining session at Tony’s Deck or Chang’s Golden Dragon. There are also many other choices for relaxed dining here.

  • Tony’s Skydeck

Tony’s Skydeck is Tony Stark’s restaurant that offers a breathtaking view of the city. IMG’s premier restaurant is best known for its lip-smacking steak and seafood. And if you feel like indulging a bit, join the extraordinary man – Tony Stark himself, for a phenomenal experience.

  • Chang’s Golden Dragon

If you are up for some flavorful Asian food, this is the place to be. Dining in IMG’s Chang’s Golden Dragon is a marvelous experience. This ancient-city style has a very casual vibe with an open kitchen and flaming woks, where you can share meals with your loved ones.

  • Mama Scano’s Of Yancy Street

Indulge in mouthwatering wood-fired pizzas, creamy pasta, and many yummier Italian delicacies here at Mama Scano’s. The ambiance is friendly and relaxed, and the hospitality is first-rate.

  • Downtown Shawarma

Undoubtedly, Avenger’s favorite hangout, Downtown Shawarma, serves a range of succulent Shawarmas that will pamper your superhero tastebuds to the fullest. You can either enjoy the meals on the table or order a takeaway if you are short of time.

  • Churro & Pretzel Station

The buttery, baked churros and sweet pretzels are a must-try to satiate your sweet cravings.

  • Hotdog Express

Bite into a delicious hotdog, and you will keep coming back again and again.

  • Captain Scoop

One of the best ice creams in IMG Marvel Town; what more can we say?

  • Popping Popcorn

A bit of crunch in various flavors – sweet, salt, spice-has everything you want.

2) Dining at Lost Valley Dubai

Flavorsome Indian specialties, the tastiest American chicken wings, and delectable burgers are all available at the Lost Valley’s dining venues. You can grab a quick bite at Churro and Pretzel Station, Hotdog Express, and Fruit Station.

  • Spice Valley

After your encounter with the fearsome dinosaurs, you will surely be famished. Head to Spice Valley for an Indian buffet-style meal loaded with great hospitality and warmth!

  • Churro & Pretzel Station

The Lost Valley’s first settler baker is all set to serve you delicious churros and pretzels.

  • Hotdog Express

The best hotdog in town is here to keep your hunger pangs at bay!

  • Fruit Station

Bite into fresh, juicy, and natural fruits at Fruit Station.

  • Carnivore Hut

The Carnivore Hut at the Lost Valley is where you can enjoy some of the most delicious and juiciest chicken wings you have ever tasted. You buy the chicken wings from the small window shop and enjoy at the small table and chairs nearby.

  • 360 Express

What is a day out without devouring some of the much-loved theme park foods? Head to 360 Express to taste some delicious hotdogs and burgers that are a favorite amongst both kids and adults.

3) Dining at Cartoon Network Dubai

Don’t just hang out with your favorite cartoon characters but have a fine dining experience with them. This zone has fantastic themed dining choices, from Richard’s Around the World Café and Mr. Smoothy to Finn and Jake’s Everything Burrito.

  • CN Feast

Spanned across two floors, CN Feast is a family-friendly restaurant where you can enjoy interactive dining experiences. It is a fantastic place to relax, pose for pictures with adorable Cartoon Network stars, and savor scrumptious international cuisine.

  • Richard’s Around the World Café

Go on a gastronomic journey of culinary delights from all over the world. The gourmet menu here comes with a twist; the ambiance is friendly and contemporary. Do keep in mind that this place is open only for school trips and birthdays.

  • Finn & Jake’s – Everything Burrito

The Burritos at Finn and Jake’s – Everything at Burrito is made with the finest ingredients and hence a treat the senses. Every bite is filled with oodles of flavor, and the meal is perfect for adventuring heroes. Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself! Do keep in mind that this place is open only for school trips and birthdays.

  • Mr. Smoothy

Chill with Ben 10 and his friends while gorging on sumptuous burgers and smoothies. This American Style dinner is fantastic for a relaxed evening with your dear ones.

  • Crepe Construction Zone

Enjoy Gumball and Darwin’s tasty crepe delights here.

  • The Candy Place

You will find candies in different shapes, colors, and flavors under one roof.

  • Powerpuff Ice Cream Parlor

Join the Powerpuff girls as they treat you to Middle East’s delectable ice creams. Need we say more?

  • SportsCandy Station

Attention all superheroes! Stock up on healthy and tasty snack options. Trust us; this is all the energy you need to stay fit and fine!

4) Dining at IMG Boulevard

Sample the foods of four continents as you enter Boulevard Gourmet and treat your senses at Flavors of Arabia. More exotic delicacies await you here at Samosa House, Waffles on Wheels, and the Coffeehouse.

  • Popcorn Factory

Enter the delightful world of gourmet popcorns and colorful candies! The crunchy delights are available in many exotic flavors and are incredibly addictive.

  • Boulevard Gourmet

Explore cuisines from four different continents under one roof. Boulevard Gourmet is situated on two levels and offers a captivating view of the terrace. A fabulous place for all globetrotters to indulge in some sinful delights.

  • Samosa House

Samosa House serves a line-up of appetizing samosa from the region. Samosas and chai are a match made in heaven in this Indian street food restaurant and a great family hangout.

  • Flavors of Arabia

The Flavors of Arabia is fit to be featured alongside the best of Dubai restaurants. Indulge in modern Arabic world cuisine in an informal but chic ambiance.

  • The Coffeehouse

The aroma of freshly brewed coffee and baked goods is enough to draw you in—an ideal place for sandwiches, pastries, bread, and other snacks.

  • Bean Stop

Craving for “A Cup of Joe?” A one-stop shop for people who love coffee.

  • Waffles on Wheels

Select from various flavors and enjoy these sweet and savory treats.

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